Tadalista 10 Mg


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Product Description

tadalista 10 mg

tadalista 10 mg Tablet has two main uses. The most common is to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It increases blood flow to the penis to help men get an erection. It is also use in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

tadalista 10 mg Tablet may be take on an empty stomach or with a meal. It should be strictly take as advised by your doctor. The medicine will only help you to get an erection if you are sexually stimulate. You should take it about one hour before you plan to have sex. The amount of time it takes to work varies from person to person, but it normally takes between 30 minutes and one hour. Only take it if you need it and it has been prescribe to you by a doctor.

most common side effects

The most common side effects of this medicine are flushing, headache, blurred vision, muscle pain, stomach upset, and rash. Talk to your doctor if the side effects bother you or will not go away.

This medicine is not intended for use by women and men should avoid using any other medicines to treat impotence without talking to a doctor. It can be dangerous to take it along with medicines called nitrates (often given for chest pain). Do not take this medicine if you have severe heart or liver problems, if you have recently had a stroke or heart attack or if you have low blood pressure. Let your doctor know if you suffer from these or any other health problems before taking it. You should not drive if this medicine makes you feel dizzy. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine as it can lead to side effects. click more : tadalista 10 mg


Treatment of Erectile dysfunction


In Treatment of Erectile dysfunction
tadalista 10 mg Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. It works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis. This allows blood to flow into the penis and produce an erection when sexually aroused. This medicine will only help get an erection if you are sexually stimulate. It is very effective but needs to be take at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Do not take this medicine if you also take medicines called nitrates (often given for chest pain).


Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worry about them
Common side effects 

  • Flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck and trunk)
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Rash


Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. tadalista 10 mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.


tadalista 10 mg Tablet is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. It works in erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to penis by relaxing the muscles in penile blood vessels.

General information

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most understated issues as many constrain it to the physical need but this can ultimately lead to many secondary issues including depression and de-arranged relationships. After working hard for years scientist developed tadalista 10 so that these men enjoy their sexual life to the fullest.

Tadalista reviews stated all across the world reveal how wonderfully these drugs are working. tadalafil 10 fast delivery action allows the medicine to start acting within one hour of intake.


Tadalista 10 pill acts basically by altering the supply of blood to the penis. It does so by decreasing the amount of accumulated enzyme PDE5 enzyme which causes the flaccid position of the penis by decreasing the blood flow.

 Uses of tadalista 10mg

Tadalista 10 is mostly used for treating erectile dysfunction primarily.

But through evident tadalista 10 reviews, it is used in treating cases of benign hyperplasia of prostate and pulmonary edema.

Tadalista 10 dosage

It should be taken an hour before the time of sexual intercourse

Tadalafil 10 is considered as the safest dose hence it can be taken once daily also

But one must consult the physician first

Does Tadalista Available Different Dosage & Strength?

Tadalistal10 Side effects

It can be caused in cases of allergy and overdosing

Mild problems

Headache, redness over face and chest, diarrhea

Severe problem

the blurring of vision, retinal occlusion, distended eyelids and complete loss of vision and hearing as well.


should be avoided with other drugs like

HIV medicines, Antifungal drugs, pulmonary arterial hypertension drugs, and other epileptic drugs

Only adult men above 18 years should consume the drug.

It is not a precautionary drug for either pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

Have a consultation with the doctor and ensure regarding the safety if suffering from any serious illness like hypertension, renal insufficiency, heart disease.

Additional information

Generic Brand Tadalafil
Strength 10 mg
Pharma Form Tablet/s
Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare
Treatment Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Pack Size 120 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 200 Tablet/s, 300 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s

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Pack Size

80 Tablet/s, 120 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 200 Tablet/s, 300 Tablet/s