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Product Description

suhagra 50

suhagra 50 Changing the lifestyle with deteriorating habits, men are exposed to lifestyle disorder more. One of these which is not given much pathological importance but has a deep physical and mental impact is erectile dysfunction.

To treat these conditions and provide reliable treatment suhagra 50mg was manufactured.

Suhagara50 drug description

Suhagra50 contains 50 mg of sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle present in the arterial wall by inhibiting enzyme PDE5. Once arteries relax blood poured to the penis resulting in a better erection. click more: suhagra 50 


The suhagra50 mg online is good option however one must always buy from an authentic source. It

Cones under Cipla ltd. Cipla share 50 side effects are negligible due to strict production vigilance.


The dosage of suhagra50 tablet is minimal hence can be taken safely daily once or just an hour before sexual intercourse. If had suhagara 50 buy online do countercheck with the physician.

Direction to take

Take a single tablet with water, should not be chewed, broken or mixed with any other food substance

Avoid consuming soon after before or during alcohol intake

Avoid driving soon after taking medicine

Do consult a physician for dose and method of taking the drug

Side effects suhagara 50 mg

Symptoms like headache, diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen, rashes over the body and intestinal hemorrhages can be produced in case of allergies and overdose


Should strictly restrict from drug intake in the following cases

Heart disease, depression, bipolar disorder, epilepsy or schizophrenia

Pathological or anatomical abnormality of the penis


Only adult men should take medicine as per the prescription

Store medicine in a cool dry place

In case of any side effect immediately contact emergency services

Dose management is crucial as sudden high dose has the power to alter blood pressure

Drug interaction

Should not be taken along with nitrates, antidepressant or hypersensitive drug

Additional information

Generic Brand Sildenafil Citrate
Strength 50 mg
Pharma Form Tablet/s
Manufacturer Cipla Inc
Treatment Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Pack Size 120 Tablet/s, 180 Tablet/s, 240 Tablet/s, 40 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s

Additional Information

Pack Size

40 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s, 120 Tablet/s, 180 Tablet/s, 240 Tablet/s