What Tests Will a Urologist Do If I Have (ED) Erectile Dysfunction ?

What Tests Will a Urologist Do If I Have ED?

Men need many different organs that function properly – from the brain and hormones that control hormones to the blood vessels and the penis – to receive and maintain arousal.
As a result, erectile dysfunction, or ED, can have many causes. Some of them are physical; others are psychological and emotional.

Physical causes of ED range from heart disease and diabetes to high blood pressure and obesity.
Damage to your nerves or arteries can cause problems with suspension, too. Lack of exercise, drinking, and smoking can lead to problems.

On the psychological and emotional side, anxiety, depression, and stress all play a role.
Relationship problems can also be a factor.

For many possible reasons, your doctor has several tests that he can use to find the best treatment for you.

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doctor suggest What Tests Will a Urologist Do If I Have (ED) Erectile Dysfunction
doctor suggest What Tests Will a Urologist Do If I Have (ED) Erectile Dysfunction

Medical and Sexual History

This is not a real test, but your doctor will probably start with questions about your medical and sexual history.
The reason is simple: They want to better understand how ED affects you and see if there is a clear cause.

If you talk about past surgery, medication, trauma, and lifestyle choices, your doctor can learn about any illnesses or other problems you may have that could lead to ED.

By asking about your sexual history – your relationship, your sexual desire, in case you get an affair – they can begin to determine if the problem may be physical or mental.
Be faithful to your doctor; they can’t help you if you withhold information.

Physical Examination

Your doctor will examine your penis and testicles to make sure that they are looking normal and that their emotions are working out as expected.
They may also notice hair loss and larger breasts than usual.
Both of these can be signs of a hormonal problem.

They may also:

Blood and Urine Tests

Based on your physical examination and your medical and sexual history, your doctor may want to order some blood or urine tests.
They will use this to assess problems that could lead to ED, such as:

Another type of blood test can test your thyroid function.
A butterfly-shaped hunger in your neck has a lot of work to do.
One of them is to help with the flow of sex hormones.
This test can check if it works properly.

Night Erection Test

Usually, men have 3 to 5 rays at night as they sleep.
Your doctor may use night-time suspension tests to determine if you are prone to constipation.

In this test, you will place the device next to your penis before going to bed.
It measures how many erections you have and how strong they are.
The simplest version of this test uses a special plastic ring around your penis. When you get an erection, the ring breaks.

If tests show that you can get erections, there is a good chance that ED is caused by something psychological or emotional.

Injection test

An injection test is also called an intracavernosal test.
Your doctor injects the medicine under your penis which should stop you.
If you do not get it, you may have a problem with blood flow to your penis.


Sometimes called Doppler ultrasound, this is another way to check blood flow to the penis.
It can be used in conjunction with injection tests.

Your doctor takes a stick-like device and holds it over your penis.
It uses sound waves to make a video of your blood vessels so your doctor can monitor your blood flow.

Mental Health Testing

If a mental or emotional problem appears to be the source of the problem, your doctor will ask you some common questions about your mental health.
They help them diagnose depression, anxiety, and other common causes of erectile dysfunction.

If you have a normally sexual partner, your doctor may ask you to talk to both of you together.
This can help them learn more about your relationship and how it can affect your ability to get and maintain erections.


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